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Launching your own beauty brand?
We have all the answers to your frequently asked questions to help you get started.

Frequently asked question

What packaging options do you offer?
Choose between amber and clear plastic bottles. Our caps are black for both jars and bottles.
Sexual Wellness
Choose between amber, black and clear bottles. We offer black caps our sexual wellness orders.
General Wellness:
Choose between amber, black, or clear bottles. Our jars will be amber for the general wellness category. All caps will be black.
Are there any start-up costs?
There is no startup cost! All of our sales are one-time purchases. You can start by requesting a sample today!
Are there any documentations that come with my products?
Upon request, customers can receive a CoA for any products that are ordered.
How long does it take to receive-my order?
We do our best to get your products to your doorstep in a quick and efficient manner. Most orders will be completed in 4-6 weeks after the artwork has been approved.

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