PLP Brands

Private Label Productions, a fast-growing full service manufacturer of health, well-being and personal care products, owns and markets two proprietary wellness brands.

Premium Personal Lubricants
Let the Magic Begin After Dark

After Dark Essentials forges the way for socially conscious wellness by helping individuals achieve the highest level of personal intimacy. The company helps women and men achieve more satisfying intimate relations with premium personal products that include water-based, silicone, and hybrid personal lubricants enhanced with CBD extract, plus a throat numbing spray and spray-on sanitizing toy cleaner.

CBD Enhanced Daily Supplements
The Science of Wellness in a Bottle

Dr. Hemp Essentials helps people achieve a sense of general health and well-being with proprietary scientifically formulated supplements enhanced with the healthy benefits of CBD. The company is committed to improving the quality of life by with supplements containing all-natural ingredients, ethically sourced and crafted to improve overall health and physical fitness.  The product line includes Restful Sleep, Muscle & Joint Relief, Multivitamin+, and Pure CBD.