PLP Takes A Look At New World Commerce Concerns And Solutions.

PLP Reports July, 2020
PLP Takes A Look At New World Commerce Concerns And Solutions.
E-commerce Up 18% to $709.78 billion, Brick-and-Mortar Down 14% to $4.184 trillion.
By Joseph M. Powell, Marketing Director

THE CORONAVIRUS EPIDEMIC has unquestionably changed how we shop. A February 2020 report forecasted US retail to grow 2.8% in 2020, but new data shows that US retail sales will decline 10.5% this year, including a 14% decrease in brick-and-mortar sales. Online shopping expects an 18% growth in 2020, driven mainly by initiatives like free-shipping, click-and-collect, and curbside pickup. The increasing growth of e-commerce also comes from consumers who moved online while brick-and-mortar stores stay closed. Since no one knows how long this situation will last, or how safe it is to return to brick-and-mortar shops, e-commerce would seem to be the obvious choice for consumers. With online shopping on the increase, participation in this vital marketplace is mandatory. And PLP can assist you in this endeavor in many ways.
PLP can help your business during this turbulent time.
PLP helps businesses build their brands and grow their product line to attract diverse customers, new audiences, and make the most of products that trend. Our extensive experience in the wellness and beauty industries makes us well-placed to spot new markets, emerging niches, and customer growing demand. Following these inclinations carefully, we know what products the market will want. And we have a facility flexible enough to turn ideas into market-ready products at speed. And with online outlets, such as Facebook and Amazon, making the online marketplace ever more accessible, your products will always find a home in the digital ecosystem. But not everyone’s a digital marketing expert. Our expertise is why PLP not only makes your products, but we can handle your marketing, as well. We have a team dedicated to developing online stores, setting up e-commerce sites, and mapping out your marketing plan. Also, we can even drop ship your products. 
How PLP can help you:
    • Product concept and branding
    • Manufacturing and marketing
    • Warehousing and delivering
PLP understands the pain of this pandemic.
The new question: will these new shopping habits continue after the pandemic is over? No one knows though, I suspect so. But what we do know is COVID-19 is leaving devastation in its wake in lives and livelihoods. Many companies are struggling to meet their sales targets, and economic activity has slowed. With every challenge, there’s an opportunity. But in the face of the enormity of this challenge, it can be hard to spot the opportunities. We understand that business decisions are postponed, and sales teams are hesitant. But this is not a time to withdraw from the market. If anything, coronavirus has demonstrated that innovation - not only in what you make but in how you sell - is going to determine which companies survive this turbulent period. We know that our customers want to make the most out of their budgets. We’re here to help you overcome those challenges and realize your business dreams. Populations in locked down do not have to mean that your business idea goes unrealized. It is a new world for commerce, and if you have concerns, PLP has solutions.
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