Give a little and get a lot.

How providing product samples can increase sales. 

Allowing customers to sample your products is one of the most effective ways to increase sales. Providing samples helps brands to create more robust connections with consumers by letting them test their products first-hand. And sampling a quality product compels users to develop a more significant sense of trust and loyalty towards the brand. The benefits are plenty, but here are five benefits that immediately come to mind. 

Five benefits of free samples 

  1. Brand awareness: gets your brand in front of your audience.
  2. Audience feedback: a key component to knowing what your customers want.
  3. Attracts new customers: everyone like something free and companies that are generous.
  4. Tempts existing customers: cross markets new products and inspires repurchase
  5. Positive public image: shows confidence in your product.

Why giveaway free product? 

Marketing studies confirm that freebies are a powerful and effective promotional weapon. Free samples improve customer loyalty and attitudes, not just towards the product, but also the company offering them. 

Everyone likes free stuff 

According to market research studies, 81% of consumers said they're more likely to try a new product after receiving a free sample. 

Samples increase sales 

Providing samples can boost sales by as much as 2,000%. Use product samples to nurture relationships and inspire loyalty with existing customers and also present your brand to new buyers who do not know your product catalog.  

Samples are influential 

Providing samples aids a company to connect with its customers. Feedback for their requirements, and needs is necessary for every business and organization to grow in this competitive market. For brands it is both expensive and difficult to gain new shoppers. So brands seek to create healthy connections with their existing customers. Cultivating customer loyalty and confidence is one way to build long-lasting customer relationship. A report from Sampling Effectiveness Advisors shares that 73% of consumers said they were likely to buy a product after trying it. 

Benefit of providing samples as a promotional sales tool 

Offering product samples to prospective consumers is beneficial, as it increases exposure, gives the consumers a taste of what's to come and allows them to feel confident with their purchase. By working sample distribution into the marketing budget, the business will have the upper hand when it comes to competition. 

Providing your customer a bit of your product to sample is a sales promotion that motivates product use and produces an enriched understanding of the product. 

Our final tips: 

  1. Give an adequate amount of the product away to be of use to the consumer.
  2. Include instructions to ensure they know how to use the product.
  3. Make sure they know where they can purchase the product.
  4. Make sure you give your samples away to your target market.







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